We Are Caturday

The Caturday Crew is a community of friends that work together to throw uniquely themed interactive storyline infused theatrical parties in Vancouver, BC.

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Past Events

We want you to be able to relive any of our events so we created event pages with photos and the preview mixes for each event. Browse the Events Now

Stay Connected

Attended one of our events or want to attend one in the future? Keep your ear to the ground for our next event on Facebook.

Listen on Soundcloud

For every event we throw, we ALWAYS create a couple preview mixes and record the mixes from the event to help you relive the moment. We keep all the past mixes available to everyone on our Soundcloud account.

Join Caturday Crew

All of the Caturday Crew are really just avid partiers who want to help bring the incredible experience of the events to their friends and others. We are always looking for new talented individuals. Find out more about getting involved.

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