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Green Sessions at VAL – An Event Review

March 23rd, 2015 by

I had a good feeling that Green Sessions at The Vancouver Art and Leisure Centre was going to be a blast. Boasting 3 rooms, 15 DJs and art installations is usually enough to get me to daydream about a fantastic night, but this show exceeded my expectations by a long shot. As soon as I ran into the happy, talkative, and inviting security personnel I could tell that the vibes throughout the night would be great. Just past coat check was a giant jenga table in a green lit room full of fresh faces introducing themselves and hugging. I stuck around there for a little while and mopped the floor with those Jenga losers. Actually, I was the one that lost… back to the point! After entering the main room, it became clear that interactive games were a focus of our hosts! Giant puzzles that strangers...

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