Alongside various other talented members of Caturday Crew, we also have a large roster of DJs within our ranks that perform across a multitude of electronic music genres. These djs work within our community to help create themed musical performances for our events, but also aid in a variety of different areas of planning and producing the events. You can also Follow the Caturday Crew on Soundcloud to get access to all the mixes from past/present/future Caturday events.

Browse our DJ roster below:



BPM.ackie represents the combination of contrasting sounds; Take a journey across the spectrum of style, from funky glitch hop, to midtempo swing to psychedelic triphop. Beats are blasted out, cut, warped and spun, bringing you off your axis and landing you back down on that raunchy downbeat. Foul electronic beats combined with dreamy effects weave a sonic tapestry, giving you the sound of the city and the low down grit of some nasty funky places unspeakable. Read full DJ profile…



Focusing on the high octane world of Drum & Bass, Ehtee, aka Alex Timmer, is a Vancouver based bass addict/DJ. Part of Team Toxic, EhTee runs the daily Drum & Bass show, as well as the show he hosts, The Power Hour. EhTee aims to bring an added boost to the Caturday lineup as he’s one of the few DJ’s who spin Dnb. Read full DJ profile…



“Bio? The f*ck is that shit? I’m just a glorified IPOD!” Read full DJ profile…


Soul Seek

Soul Seek aims to provide a musical journey, weaving you through the various realms of the worlds raw tribal sounds on a mission to showcase sounds that awaken a consciousness and appreciation while soothing the soul. The styles that are currently focused on are Chill Out, Glitch Hop, Electronica, Dubstep & Breaks. Read full DJ profile…


Dubba Kush

Dubba Kush is known for Ragga and Tribal influenced beats with complex and evolving percussive loops, soft and pretty melodies paired with rolling sub bass lines. Playing all over the genre map and a love for really low bass, this kind of sound can be heard AND felt. If you’ve ever heard him play, it’s often some very obscure tracks you may not have heard before. Finding joy in sharing music, you will get a taste of his extensive library of sounds collected since the dawn of time. Read full DJ profile…



The prime directive behind the unique sound of a BeardFight set is the marriage between his quirky and expansive music library with bass music of the highest intensity. Prepare for the unexpected as you are brought on a diverse journey through multiple genres and feverishly changing beats per minute. With one foot firmly planted in the roots of heavy bass music and the other left to wander freely, expect genres to be bent, broken and strewn all over the dance floor whenever BeardFight is up on deck. Read full DJ profile…



With snowballing momentum GDUBZ is a force stronger than gravity itself. Harder than nails, tougher than tough his heavy bass and grimy synths penetrate deep and hit you like a boot to the chest.

Diving into the electronic music scene head first a few short years ago has payed off in dividends for this up & coming producer/Live Performer, with signings from Champion Beats Records (London, Ontario) & Breakz R Boss Records (Calgary, AB), and a growing following the ride has only just begun for this multi-talented musician. Read full DJ profile…



Born in a fiery cloud of swag, patron and bitches, CAATFISH has been bringing some of the baddest, heaviest basslines to the Vancouver nightlife scene. Using his laser sharp dj skills and unique style of mixing, he continues to play some of the most ignorant and righteous bass music ever experienced by the humans of this planet. Specializing in a low-slung, evil dubstep/dnb/hip-hop style, CAATFISH excels at using his alien powers to bring low frequency madness to every dance floor. If you don’t know GET TO KNOW! Read full DJ profile…


No, I’m Skittles

Pronounced, “no, I’M Skittles!”, his style is driven by the need to bring the crowd to the dance floor. Showcasing expertise in variety of genres including, electro house, nu-disco/french house, deep house, moombahton, ghetto funk, and glitch hop, versatility is the name of his game. His ethos, to understand and provide for every kind of social gathering, where music and dance is the focus. Flowing through sexy intimate grooves, to head banging thrashers, Noimskittles shows a great love for music both well known, and experimental, integrating tracks with classic hip hop samples and modern rock anthems, into glitchy and eccentric production with heavy soulful bass. Teasing your ears with the stoke of the music you love, your face will melt with the crazy dramatic drops and chest pumping excitement of fresh new next level dance music. Read full DJ profile…



Coleblooded is part of Vancouver’s Electro-Swing revolution. He has been spinning for four years and rocking future-retro parties for the last two. But this is no one-trick pony, folks. His signature blend of fat-sausage electro, funky nu disco and deep/tech house with a sprinkling of that sweet swing always gets the dance floor raging. Be sure to strap on those dancing shoes and stretch it out during whatever warmup he gives you, because only the strong survive. Read full DJ profile…


The Inquisitive Giraffe

Focusing on deep house, tech house, electro and glitch; Vancouver based DJ/producer The Inquisitive Giraffe has been inspired by the local underground party scene, music festivals such as Bass Coast and also by the music that he has found and fallen in love with at Burning Man. Read full DJ profile…



A multi-genre energetic duo shrouded in mystery… Read full DJ profile…


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