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“You know the club scene? you pay for cover, then coat check, then for atm fees, and then a drink, and all of a sudden you’re out 30 bucks and you’re kind of off to a bad start. you feel weirdly over and underdressed. you and your group of friends stands in a small circle and sort of self-consciously dance at each other. katy perry again. you try to yell conversations. you see someone you kind of know, but decide not to say hello cause it’s a bit awkward. someone grabs your butt. ugh. not sure what to do, you order another shot. next thing you know, you’re sitting on the nightbus with a spinning head, and you can’t help but think, “was that it?” it never got weird enough for me.

Now caturday – you’re ALWAYS under-costumed. people you kind of know, maybe just from facebook, give you a big hug! you admire the hand-crafted artwork, and spectacular stage design, that obviously took hours to make! the music gets your feet movin. womp womp. you’re not huddled either – everyone is dancing, together! music music lights lights vibin. and then there’s a performance! an well-rehearsed theatrical bit to really connect you to the theme of the night.

Caturday events are sort of the thing that make you think- ahh this is what i was looking for! it was here all along! it was waiting for me! good clean fun. older children gettin funky and playing dress-up with lights and music.”

Testimonial by: Evelyn


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