Alec Grose

Alec Grose (Squamwise) is a producer/recording artist from the desolate, cold and flat province of onterrible. He is the part of a collective of recently emerging music producers known as Waxxy. After his incredible experience playing “squambhala” with the Caturday crew back in 2013 he loves to come and test his latest math jams on the crew’s ready and willing ears. When not in school lecture, Alec spends mostly all his time twiddling knobs, sweepin’ filters, and delay grabbin’ the shit outta some tasty jams he cooks up from scratch. He also can’t wait for someone in the community to trade him CDJ lessons for ableton trickery.

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“non-stop hilarity all the time”

When I first got here I had the pleasure of sharing living space with Alec. He was extremely welcoming and is a riot to hang out with. Its non-stop hilarity all the time. seriously. I cant stop laughing when Im around Alec. Alec is an incredibly talented music producer who puts his soul and heart into all his music, which he stitches together from pieces of spacetime in his magic cave.


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