Amanda Joan

Amanda an Alberta raised graduate of Victoria School of Performing and Visual arts, found tremendous love, comfort, and success being on stage. Amanda loved exploring her talent even at an early age; this has allowed her to focus an arts based life. Performing as a solo artist, working with various choirs, modeling, visual design, exploring dance and film, she shines bright in the variety of crafts she immerses herself in. Searching for adventure and a place to expand her craft, Amanda found the path to Vancouver; were she came to focus on acting and singing. Amanda found herself interested in other facets of art like hula hooping, communal art, sharing and creating with like minds, thus finding the ultimate release within a supportive community full of talented artist and minds alike that want to change the world. Finding support within the Caturday Crew Community has given her a full range of expression. No fear of judgment, a feeling of being free to be supported, to support others and create pure art together.

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