About Us

mascot-soloOur Mascot: Itty Bitty Bass Kitty

Started out by a small group of close friends with a passion for innovation and electronic music, the Caturday Crew was born. As the group grew and the events progressed, inspiration was drawn from Shambhala and many other west coast events helping the parties to become renowned for their immersive atmosphere. The party experience continuously evolve and our community grows as it continues to welcome new members to bring new ideas & perspectives into each event.

Our goal is to always push the events to get better and push the bar when it comes to what is defined as a “party”. The Caturday Crew events have evolved and become a unique spectacle of an event, always filled with lovingly and painstakingly hand created decorations, lasers, smoke, coordinated visuals, amazing theatrical & dance performances woven into a storyline, interactive elements, unbelievable music and of course…. YOU the incredible people.

Mission Statement

To foster artistic expression & personal growth and push our community to its maximum potential as artists and as human beings, working together to provide unique party experiences where people can feel respected, loved and have an amazing time.

What makes these events so unique

  1. An interactive multimedia artistic event – Music, theatrics & dance performances paired with cutting edge lighting & visuals, a storyline, custom stage designs, interactive aspects, costumes & physical art all focused around a single theme in an immersive atmosphere.
  2. Community – A high focus on respect, collaboration, education and personal growth. This community and the opportunities that arise can become a creative outlet for Caturday members to explore interesting artistic & technological challenges.
  3. Non profit – All the profits go towards throwing more elaborate future events. All participants within our community are recognized for their efforts and contributions.
  4. Focus on the Experience – Our goal is to have our attendees come for the experience of our events over coming for a certain DJ.

The evolution of these events continue with outdoor events, such as the wildly “raved” about “Green Eggs and JAMS“, “8 bit Adventure“, “Party in The Nightosphere“, “Journey to Eden Prime“, “8 bit Reloaded: Press Start to Continue“, “Ascension of the Atlanteans” and most recently, our summer micro-festival “Eden Prime: Dark Fracture“.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the next event, we promise to continue to go WAY beyond your expectations!

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