Caturday Anthology

All of the Caturday theatric stories are connected by a common universe, commonly called the Caturday Universe here in the theatrics department. Have a read through our past stories to fully understand the sheer scale of events and what they represent.



Redacted documents we uncovered about Eden Prime

Back in 1965, the government started scanning the skies looking for signs of extraterrestrial life and to learn more about our system’s neighbourhood. After detecting the presence of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide on a planet just outside our solar system, our government started to lay the groundwork and preparations for a TOP SECRET mission. To cover up this mission they launched a new publicly owned organization; NASA. This organization was used to funnel money towards this secret mission and to provide a fake explanation to the public about why we were going to space.

This mission would involve sending a team to investigate the planet dubbed “Eden Prime”. The government searched out only the most qualified people for the job. They created a 6 person team consisting of an astronaut, a biologist, a geologist, an engineer, a chemist, and a soldier. The mission was to explore the planet, document it, and return to Earth.

By June 1969, they were ready to go. Launch was successful of shuttle “Apollo 10.5” on June 7th, 1969 and throughout the journey all went fine although it took about 10 years to make their way there. As the ship left the solar system, there were some issues with communications and it seemed ground control could only receive and not send communication from that point on.

There were 2 reports sent back after the shuttle left the solar system. The first was an audio communication from just outside the planet’s orbit on January 13th, 1980.


“Attention Ground Control. We have just arrived outside the planets orbit and are about to make our descent. We are not sure if you are receiving this message, but heres hoping. The planet is absolutely beautiful and seems to be covered in forests and oceans. We are making our descent now.”

The second report was received 4 days later and was sent as a full backup file from a memory card of a digital camera. It included one picture and an audio file.

The crew never returned and we never found out what happened to the members of that mission. 30 years later, some key members of Caturday dug up the following Classified information which led us to publicize this story.

Audio Log from the planet


A group of curious individuals from Caturday with access to some amazing technology, funded a new mission to Journey to this alien world “Eden Prime” and find out what really happened to the initial expedition.

On June 28th, 2013, they arrived on the planet’s surface and were welcomed warmly by the intelligent life forms that inhabited the planet. The crew was blown away by the beauty of the place and it seemed like there was almost a pulse to the planet as they felt the planet tremble to a repeating tone. The planet was fairly similar to our own, except at night the plants would light up with the most magical colors and would work in harmony with the other plants around them.

They were guided by these aliens to a small village. When they arrived at the village, an alien elder came out with two young alien males in tow. The elder greeted the crew and welcomed them to their world. He explained to them that the initial crew that had landed on the planet was still there and enjoying their lives. They all were too enamoured with the world to go back to Earth, so they stayed and lived out their days on Eden Prime. He also explained that this world was special in its composition, at night the plants would emit a special pheromone that had the ability to send people into a euphoric state.

Image of alien world: Eden Prime

As the Alien elder shared this information with the crew, the two young males carefully inspected, studied and touched the crew to determine if they were safe. Meanwhile, the special pheromones had slowly been seeping into the crew and they all were starting to feel more free, clear and happy then they had ever felt. The alien elder continued to explain about a very special presence that existed on Eden Prime; The Alien Queen, who had the ability to control the inhabitants of this world by utilizing these pheromones to exert a sort of mind control.

As the Alien elder finished his speech, the Queen entered the stage. In unison, the two alien males moved slowly and fell to her side. The alien elder then proceeded to bless the visitors with a special hug from the Queen. These marked members of the crew were then asked to spread the mark to the other attendees. As the hug ceremony ended, the alien elder went on to explain that the Queen was going to welcome them with a traditional dance.

The Queen and her two male alien dancers proceeded to perform a tribal dance featuring fire and magic.

3 days later, the crew re-boarded their ship and returned to Earth, returning more enlightened, conscious and happy than ever before.



In a world where video game characters are like real and stuff, Mario has always been a guy doing awesome things, like uniting video game worlds and stuff. 1 year ago, he tried to activate a special Spiral Time Continuum machine in an attempt to bring the video game worlds together.

Before he could fully activate the machine, he was thwarted by Space Invader spies who instantly incinerated him with RADICAL LAZERS MAN!! With the untimely death of our favorite hero, the Space Invader spies had sent a totally effective message that they would prevent the 8 bit worlds from ever being united. DUH DUH DUNNNN…



Mario reunites with Luigi and shows him the Magic Monkey wrenches

Being dead is luckily a quite temporary affair in Mario World, as long as you have extra lives. Mario sprang back to life and is now a man with a plan.. Luigi appears and greets him

“Mario, my brother, what happened to you? You have been missing since we last tried to unite the 8 bit worlds.”

Mario quickly explains what had happened to him. Luigi is like… frightened and stuff, but Mario comes up with an excellent plan to reunite the video game once once-A-more! He shows Luigi these Magic Monkey wrenches that he has found.

He knew that the two of them alone could not stop the space invaders from wreaking havoc so the two set out on an adventure of a lifetime to build the fabled pipe portals that will unite all 8-BIT worlds in order to create the mightiest most legendary army of all time!



The Space Invader King hears that Mario is still alive…

Meanwhile, in space.. The Space Invader is sitting in his throne room contemplating a new purchase for his empire…

“I was talking to Dr. Robotnik today, he was telling me about these new… lasers that we can equip on our armada. Sounded pretty sweet to me, what do you guys think?”

His top general interjects.. “Sir each ship will cost over 2 billion space dollars to retrofit. It’s probably-”

The Space Invader King cuts him off..

“A great idea! I was just thinking this. Make it happen General!”

At this moment a scout enters with news. This particularly intoxicated Space Invader King is like enraged and stuff to hear that Mario is not only alive but in fact preparing the 8-BIT world for his treacherous attack!

His generals ask him what to do and he yells at them

“Organize the armada, get me more vodka and look into those god damn lasers!”



Mario, Luigi and Pac Man finish work on some portals

Meanwhile, in Mario world… Mario and Luigi have like…. totally built 5 portals, and Luigi’s bro from Pac World, Pac Man has joined them to help. Luigi is overly excited about being able to have a Mario Party soon, Mario tells him to settle down and thanks Pac Man for all his help with the portals.

Pac Man is excited to return to Ms. Pac Man and prepares to re-enter the portal to Pac World, when all of a sudden the portal starts to flicker and make strange noises. Space Invaders start to stream out of the portal shooting at anything that moved. Pac Man angrily cries out…

“WAKKA WAKKA WAAAAAAKA WAAAAAAAAAAAKA! (WHAT? Pac World? My wife? You god damned space invaders!)”


Mario yells out orders to various characters in Mario World

Mario tells Pac Man to keep himself together, his wife is okay! Mario could fix the portal but they need to hold off the space invaders. He yells out his signature cry

“Are you ready? Here we goooo!”

Pac Man rushes into battle and takes out one of the Space Invader Generals as Mario yells out orders!

“Toad, go to Hyrule! Yoshi, search Donkey Kong Island! Luigi, find’a the Street Fighters! We need reinforcements. We won’t be able to handle this invasion by ourselves. I’ll hold them off as long as I can, but hurry!!”

Toad, Luigi and Yoshi go through separate portals as the battle continues.



Mario and Peach tend to a wounded Pac Man

With Space Invaders everywhere and Mario’s situation turning quite like… dire, Pac Man has been holding off the majority of the Space Invaders… but he has just taken a shot from a space invader gun. Luckily, Mario is there to catch him and helps him back to the castle. Pac Man is laid on a bed.

Peach tends to Pac Man’s wounds as Mario asks her for any more mushrooms. Unfortunately Mario has already eaten all the mushrooms. Bowser’s voice booms from the battlefield…

“Mario, the Invaders just destroyed the portal to Metroid! We won’t be able to last much longer! We need your help!”

Mario takes the last flower power and returns to the fight throwing fireballs as he goes, he continues to yell out orders to his makeshift army…

“Watch the left flank Wario! Bowser, see if you can get to the General! Hold the line everyone….”


Reinforcements really help. Ken just laying waste to those space invaders

At this point all the remaining portals light up and reinforcements from various video game worlds appear. Donkey Kong, Link and even Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter emerge from the portal and join the fight.

Ryu throws a HADOKEN but gets knocked down by a shot, Ken jumps over him and throws a quick kick to one of the space invaders, both Ken and Ryu are pummeled with shots. Link emerges with his shield and pushes forward hacking and slashing as he goes. Donkey Kong and Megaman try and join to push forward, but space invaders continue to stream out the portal until the heroes are pushed back.

The situation was looking perilous until Luigi emerged with 2 magic monkey wrenches, destroys the portal to Space Invader world and smashes the remaining nearby space invaders with incredible speed and skill. He helps the remaining characters up and they all return to work mopping up the last of the space invaders.



Mario tries to reason with the Space Invader King

Mario’s world is a battlefield, strewn with destroyed Space Invaders. Mario, Luigi, Megaman, Link, Ken, Ryu and Donkey Kong emerge victorious. Mario explains that they came back just in the nick of time as Navi pesters him asking him to listen. Eventually Mario freaks out and tell Navi to


Luckily Luigi reminds him that he is a kids character before he says anything too vile. Mario sees the space invader king floating nearby and goes to try and talk with him. Mario heads over to Space Invader King, jumps on a couple space invaders on his way, throws shells at a few more. The Space Invader King is talking to himself, drinking…

“If only I had those new lasers, then we would of won. …HIC… God damned Mario. This is 1978 all over again!!”

Mario comes into sight of the Space Invader King and asks him why he hates him so much. The Space Invader King admits that it is because Mario’s party’s always look like so much fun and he is never invited. Mario invites him to come to the next party.


Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man are reaaaaaally happy to see each other…

Pac man emerges from the medical tent and upon seeing the Space Invader King he tries to attack him. Mario holds him back and tells Pac man that he has fixed the portal to Pac World. At this moment Ms Pac Man emerges through a portal and she and Pac Man begin to makeout.

The Space Invader King laments on the fact that he has no way of getting home. Mario turns to him and says

“I guess you’ll have to stay and party!”

Mario turns to the crowd.

“Well, we have to celebrate the victory and the reuniting of the worlds, what do you guys think, should we let the Space Invaders stay and party?


Mario announces they need to celebrate, and invites the Space Invader King to DJ at the Mario Party

The crowd is excited to party and a deafening YES is heard. Mario addresses the crowd

“Hes the conqueror of worlds, the king of lasers. He has armadas, and he’s here tonight to invade the dance floor. Space Invader King, lets get this party started!”

The party continued throughout the evening, and the video game worlds were finally reunited.



Long ago when the world was young, Atlantis was a city like no other. A small island nation, ruled by a beloved queen and king, they were once known throughout the world for their incredible technology, forged from a rare mineral found in the heart of the island. On top of providing a technological advantage, it had magical properties that allowed the citizens of Atlantis to live for thousands of years. But where there is happiness & prosperity, ruin always lies just on the horizon. The neighbouring Greek states envied the powerful technology of Atlantis and sought to gain it for themselves. They bound together, and plunged the two states into a bloody war.

Vastly outnumbered, cut off from the mainland, battered and drained of resources, the King and Queen sought a way to save their people. They turned to the man who was responsible for their wondrous technology. This mad inventor found the answer within the last of their special mineral “Atlantium”. When processed properly it could be transformed into a serum giving its user the ability to grow gills to live beneath the water. Oh, but the cost was great; in order to manufacture enough of the drug for the city to survive, they would have to mine the last of the Atlantium that connected Atlantis to the mainland which would cause the city to sink beneath the waves. A power hungry Military Commander saw an opportunity for himself. Waiting for the last of the Atlantium to be turned into a serum, he quickly overthrew the beloved king and queen. He hoarded the drug for whom he saw fit to survive after the descent taking control of the city.

The Queen and King, knowing they would soon be killed left but one hope for their people. Locking their only daughter in a small submersible, they cast her off into the ocean towards Greece, her only memory of them an amulet placed around her neck.

As the last of the Atlantium was mined the city separated with a mighty crash! It broke away from the land, and submerged into the depths of the sea. The military commander, now with his plan executed, had gained his much wanted power, and began to cause chaos. Ruining the lives of thousands, turning the technology of the once peaceful city against the helpless citizens! The people quickly learned that by consuming the serum to survive they could now breathe beneath the sea, but had lost the ability to breathe on land. So thus the survivors were forced to remain in Atlantis in servitude to the military, but the people held high hope, that one day a descendent would come back with the amulet and free them from their watery cage, and help them ascend back to the surface.


An old Atlantean woman starts to tell the tale of the Ascension of the Atlanteans


Gather closely everyone. I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of the sinking of our fair city many times, so tonight I will tell you a new tale. The tale of the lost princess of Atlantis, soon after she was cast off from the sinking city, her craft landed in Greece.

She was found by a passing trader and was raised in an orphanage nearby. As the years went on she found that she didn’t age at the same rate as her friends. Hundreds of years past, and she continued to move between cities, leading a solitary and fairly normal life.

There were rumors that a member of the royal family had survived, and Atlanteans held hope that one day they would be saved and would be free to return to the surface. For you see this is the tale of The Ascension of the Atlanteans.


Throughout her entire life, Jewel had always enjoyed the water and took every chance she could to go out on boats. She had recently made friends with a guy named John and he had suggested they go on a small boating trip and explore an area off the coast with a couple other friends. They had spent all morning boating out to this remote coast of Greece to explore a cool spot John had found earlier in the week. They anchored the boat and started getting ready to swim. Jewel and John were the first to be ready. John was reviewing his phone and Jewel was admiring the view when all of sudden she thought she saw something like a mermaid in the distance, but John laughs it off and immediately dismisses her as crazy.

Their other friends, David and Erik, emerge from the ship’s cabin wearing full on scuba gear. John laughs at how silly they look and explains they are just going for a light swim and they wont need all that gear. They all strip down to swimming gear and jump into the water.

As they are floating in the water, Jewel sticks her head under the water and notices a weird black spire coming up from the depths. She tells the others to have a look and they decide to head over and investigate. They start to swim towards the spire and as they get closer David thinks he sees something in the water. He is quickly pulled under before anyone else notices. One by one, the gang gets pulled under the water by a dark figure under the surface until only Jewel remains. Jewel begins to freak out and before she can react, she is pulled beneath the waves…


….and that is the way the octopus infestation was dealt with, let me tell you, it was a very “sticky” situation…. ha ha ha…. Wait what? I’m telling the wrong story? Oh right, I was explaining about the first time surface dwellers visited Atlantis. How silly of me. Now lets see… oh right I remember…

You see, the humans had not an inkling that they had stumbled upon one of the militaries surveillance outposts. Had they been any closer they may have been spotted and condemned to suffer unimaginable tortures. But luckily, A young atlantean girl, a thief named jade, had just finished escaping the spire with stolen rations of atlantium. She knew that the humans would not be able to breathe under the water and acting quickly, saved the humans from their potential captors. once safely hidden in the slums of atlantis they began to awaken.


Jewel and her friends awaken beneath the seas to find they have grown gills.

Jewel awakes to find herself lying on the floor, surrounded by 3 Atlanteans, an older couple and a Young adult female. She immediately notices that she is in water and grasps for an exit, trying to hold her breath. In doing so, she realizes she has a mouth full of water and doesn’t seem to be struggling for oxygen. She looks to the Atlantean female closest to her in confusion.

The young Atlantean girl speaks to her in English and reassures her that she should be able to breath normally. Panicked, Jewel frantically asks what the hell is going on and where she is. At this point John, David and Erik start to wake up and start to panic in the same way as Jewel. The young Atlantean girl explains that she had given them a drug that allowed humans to grow gills quickly and breath beneath the water.

Jewel is upset and confused and asks for more of an explanation. The girl proceeds to explains that her name is Jade and that they are in the city of Atlantis. She had been out for a swim and had seen them swimming towards an Atlantean military outpost. Jade had known that if the surface dwellers were caught by the military they would have been killed on sight, so she had pulled them beneath the waves and given them a small ration of a drug called “Atlantium” so she could help them evade capture.

Jade’s father cuts in and expresses that Jade shouldn’t have brought the surface dwellers to their house and that if the military found them here in their family home, she would be dragged off to the prisons.

Jewel, John Erik & David were stunned, somehow they had stumbled into this lost world. Jade, proceeded to explain that the drugs effects were going to be temporary, so they needed to get them back to the surface as soon as possible.

At that moment, a loud voice was heard from outside “MILITARY POLICE! OPEN THE DOOR!”, Jade’s father quickly told Jade to hide herself. Jade hesitated, but did as she was told and grabbed Jewel and jumped into the closest closet. No sooner had they hidden themselves, military Atlantean police broke down the door and dragged Jade’s father and the 3 male surface dwellers away.


The male surface dwellers and Jade’s father are tortured in the Atlantean prisons.

The military quickly brought them all to the prisons and locked them in a cell. A sinister looking Atlantean male enters the room and it is quickly clear to all that he is in charge. The military leader congratulates his men for capturing the surface dwellers and orders them to go out into the streets and stop any signs of celebration. Apparently, anytime the peons heard of rumors of surface dwellers they started to remember the so called “prophecy” that told of their return to the surface.

The military leader interrogates them for a short while before a craven old man in a black robe enters with a nefarious looking device in his hands. The military leader orders this “doctor” to find out everything these surface dwellers know. The doctor proceeds to ask them all questions but doesn’t seem too concerned with hearing their responses and utilizes his device to continuously electrocute the prisoners before they can even answer. As the military leader leaves the room, all that can be heard are electric shock noises…


Now now you youngsters listen up. This is when our story gets interesting. The male surface dwellers had been in Atlantis a mere hour and with the worst of luck they have been caught by the military, and thrown into prison where they were being interrogated by a cruel and particularly nasty doctor. Luckily our heroine Jewel had managed to escape with the help of Jade. They were both determined to free their loved ones from the military’s prison so they hurried off to meet with Anthoriad, the leader of the Atlantean resistance.

As they journeyed away from the city, they discussed how they could best enter the prison and help the prisoners escape. As they are talking, Anthoriad walks ups and greets them. He tells them that he used to work as the doctor of the prisons and knew of a secret entrance into the prison via the geothermal vents that powered it. Anthoriad suggests that they should sabotage the system and free the prisoners, rally their people, overthrow the military, and take back control of our fair city! Jade and Jewel head towards the prison

Meanwhile in the military prison the prisoners were still being electrocuted and questioned by this evil doctor. They try to explain, but the doctor doesn’t believe them. Jade’s father tries to vouch for them, but he is just given a shock by the device and ignored. The doctor goes to grab some more extreme methods of interrogation, but before he can use it, he is knocked on the head by Jade.


After escaping the prisons, Jewel tries to convince her friends to help them take back Atlantis.

At the same time, Jewel disables the system and the doors unlock. Jade throws the prisoners some tridents from the Atlantean military armory and they proceed to fight their way out of the prisons. As they run, they are joined by other escaped prisoners whose cells had been unlocked when the system went down. Together, they all escaped via the secret access point and head towards the Atlantean town hall.


After rescuing everyone, our two heroines had made their way to the center of town hoping to inspire the people to rise up against their oppressors. They watched as the streets around them became filled with the Atlantean citizens, who were eager to find out what had happened. The young Atlantean female and the surface dwellers had a difficult task ahead of them, they had to inspire the Atlantean people to fight back and help them overthrow the oppressive military.

Anthoriad joins the group as they arrive at the town hall and attempts to gather the attention of the town so that Jade can speak. Jade makes a passionate speech

“I am Jade… I have lived, like you, under the tyranny of the Atlantean military, and I for one have had enough of the constant inspections and patrols, watching as my neighbours are dragged away in the middle of the night! Now that all our family and friends are free, we need to band together and stand against the military!”

Anthoriad steps in and continues as he looks to Jewel and notices her necklace

“WAIT A SECOND. LOOK AT THIS GIRL’S NECKLACE… it cannot be, she is wearing the royal amulet! We have all heard the stories that in their final moments our fallen King and Queen sent their daughter adrift. Now that I look upon her, I recognize the face of the Queen in this girl and I seeing her here today I have no doubt that she is the rightful heir to Atlantis!”

Jade steps in again

“Not only is she rightfully our queen, but this girl has a righteous heart and helped to free our brothers and sisters from the prisons. Band together with us! Help us restore the rightful heir to the throne!”


Jade battles with the evil Military Leader.

The Military leader enters and orders his troops to arrest them all as there are no public assemblies allowed. Jade steps in and knocks the military leader on the head and pleads with townsfolk all one last time to join her. The townsfolk begins fighting the guards with whatever means available. Jade proceeds to kick some serious ass taking out soldier after soldier with ease, but as she is fighting 4 of the final soldiers, the military leader sneaks up and attempts to stab her with a knife. She deftly dodges the blow and redirects it into the military leader’s stomach.

The military leader collapses and the people of Atlantis has emerged victorious, any remaining Atlantean soldiers surrender their weapons. The people gather around Jewel curiously.

Anthoriad steps towards Jewel and asks her if she is willing to remain and rule as their Queen. She is reluctant at first, but feels strangely connected to this city and curious to know more about her people she decides to stay. As she reluctantly accepts the title, the people of Atlantis bow before her. She takes this opportunity to make a final passionate speech…

“What are you guys doing? Get up! If I am to accept this title, I want you all to know that things will be different, we will all be equals. Each of us is a strong, unique, beautiful individual and together we are a community. You have all shown conviction and bravery in the face of danger today. We have attained this victory together and I want you to join me in celebrating this special day. Today, we are all free! Free to do the things we want to do, to live the life we want to live and to dance the way we want to dance. I don’t know about you guys, but I think its…. time….. to…. PARTY!”

They proceed to party the night away and celebrate the victory and the liberation of the Atlantean people. Now that the military no longer forced the people to remain beneath the surface, many Atlanteans were curious to go back above the surface and many made plans to leave with John, David and Erik bringing with them some incredible Atlantium powered technology.

Jewel remained in Atlantis and ruled as a peaceful and gracious leader. Jade was given the honor of becoming the top general of Atlantis. The city was at peace and the people were happy and able to dance freely. Life was good.


Also see Journey to Eden Prime.


Last summer we made first contact with a unique and wondrous planet occupied by a peaceful race of Aliens. After a successful visit to the planet, the group returned to Earth, bringing with them the tales of this captivating world which they named Eden Prime.

This experience launched a tidal wave of change across the earth. The humans, now equipped with the knowledge that they were not alone in the universe, launched an expedition to study the planet life forms under the banner of “Project Helios”. Governments of the world called upon the public, requesting volunteers to join the mission as ambassadors of the human race.

But there were some with more nefarious interests.

The primary investor for this expedition was the Hades Corporation, which sought to use the planet for their selfish financial gain. The natives of the planet, dubbed “Primeans,” were deemed unfit for cohabitation but ideal candidates for physical labor. A parasitic virus, codename “Fracture” was engineered to bend the primeans to their will.

All the individuals who volunteered were approached by Hades as they attempted to bribe people into helping secretly carry out their sinister plan.

You now face a difficult choice. Join the Hades corporation and pave the way for a new human empire or stay loyal as ambassadors of peace for Project Helios. One thing is for sure… a new dawn is coming to EDEN PRIME.


One year ago, just outside our solar system on a small planet, we made first contact with an alien world: Eden Prime! The natives of this planet dubbed “Primeans,” were a peaceful race and humans were welcomed as one of their own people. Upon returning to Earth, a new project was undertaken to preserve and study the planets exotic life forms… known as Project Helios. Meanwhile, in the shadows, a sinister group – the Hades Corporation had hatched a plan to conquer the planet using a parasitic virus: Dark Fracture, that robs its victims of their free will, turning them into mindless slaves. By infiltrating their prime agent as captain of the ship they hid the fracture virus on board the Atlas Forge and launched Project Helios into the chasm of space.


Janeera, a Primean female, approaches the humans with 2 other Primean scouts

As they entered the planet’s atmosphere a meteor struck the ship and caused it to rip apart and crash. Now YOU are all that remains as the survivors of the crashed ship, the Atlas Forge. Which side will YOU choose, the noble Project Helios or the dastardly Hades corporation?

Down on the surface of the planet, there was a massive plume of smoke from the site where the escape pod landed. The biologist, doctor & mechanic emerged coughing and stumbling from the wreckage. As they started to observe their surroundings, the soldier limped out towards the escape pod while wincing and crying out in pain. The mechanic ran over to him with the doctor and the biologist close behind. They laid the soldier down and the doctor began to examine his leg. Lucky for the soldier it wasn’t broken, but he did have a rather nasty contusion. The leg still needed treating so the Doctor sent Fleur to fetch the medkit. While Fleur went looking they realized that the only unaccounted for crew members were the Captain and the first mate.

The Doctor adjusted the soldier’s leg and just as he got it set, the Soldier suddenly perked up and pushed the doctor aside, shouldering and aiming her rifle at the distance. Strange creatures emerged from the under brush, shuffling towards them. The crew of the Atlas Forged cowered behind the soldier.

The Doctor watched in terror as the creatures inched closer and closer, but prevented the soldier from firing on the creatures as he didn’t want to potentially hurt any creatures of this alien world. Just as the creatures were about to pounce, they were startled by an epic yell. The creatures recoiled as a Primean female emerged with a dazzling display of combat prowess.

The Primean female introduced herself as Janeera. The Crew of the Atlas Forged all look to the Doctor who was next in the chain of command as per project Helios protocol.

In words we shall never forget, the DOCTOR uttered, “Ummm… Take us to your, leader?”


Elsewhere on the surface of Eden Prime, Captain Ethan has also managed to make it out of the space ship alive. He had been piloting the vehicle when it crashed. A lone female figure emerged from the forest and walked towards Ethan’s body. As she touched him, she shuddered and seemed to absorb some sort of energy. She trembled slightly before regaining her composure.

“You bring strange tidings human. I cannot shake the sense of danger that resides within you, but the fates have deemed you still have purpose…You will not die this day.”

She placed her hand over him where it glowed for a moment then slipped away silently. She left to ponder and consult the Caturdis scriptures.

Ethan awoke to find himself in the woods, bleeding. He groaned at the Computer to analyze him as he reached down towards his injured leg. Computer replied saying he sustained massive Injuries. The Nano reconstruction primed but Ethan needed to acquire biological protein base to begin the sequence.

A giant creature lurched into view as Ethan slowly got to his feet.

Ethan, said, “Computer, will that creature work for the process?”

“Affirmative”, replied the computer.

Ethan limped towards creature and popped his shoulder into place. Ethan pulled out a knife and edged closer to the creature. It noticed Ethan and began to growl. The creature snapped at Ethan and he dodges out of the way. The creature slaps Ethan with his tail sending him reeling backwards.

“Huuurgh…. Is that all you’ve got, you pansy”, Ethan retched.

The creature lurches towards Ethan and swallows him whole. Ethan struggles to defeat creature. The creature swallows him. The creature begins to churn and Ethan bursts out of the stomach.

Ethan, panting heavily, says ”There… good as new… Computer what is the status of the mission?”

After a short dialogue with the computer, Ethan realizes he must infect the Primeans. He cannot do it alone and decides to venture for the nearest signs of life to infect with the Dark Fracture virus and aid to his beckon.

Not soon after his realization, two Primeans enter from the trees. They begin shouting at Ethan in primean and approach him cautiously. As the Primean realizes that Ethan is just a human he rushes him. Ethan hits him with 3 quick strikes. One to gut, one to each of his legs. The Primean drops to the ground writhing in agony as Ethan grabs his face and infects him. The second Primean bellows a war cry and charges Ethan. But just as the Primean begins to charge, Ethan snaps his fingers and the newly Fracture infected Primean menacingly approaches the first.

The uninfected Primean, while struggling to defend himself against the newly infected Primean, pleads in confusion, “What is this vile poison? Only the Queen has the ability to guide the will of others!” The Fracture infected Primean takes the Hunter to the ground, and begins to infect him.

The Primean twitches violently one last time before going limp and revealing himself as converted.

Ethan rolls his head in maniacal laughter. He had only came on the mission looking for a challenge, but so far all he’s found is what he considers to be pathetically weak creatures.

“It makes sense though,” , Ethan speculates to himself, “ especially with this lovely “Fracture” coursing through my veins, its hard to imagine I’ll find anything that can provide a real challenge on this primitive world. I can feel the virus’ strength growing inside me, an incredible feeling.

Ethan leers fearlessly at his hands as if peering into the face of a beast.

“Computer… plot a course for the Primean village….. I shall build an army…”

Lightning strikes in the distance, as Ethan lowers his helmet over his face.


The project Helios team had been following the Primean warriors for miles now. Fleur, the teams biologist was fascinated by everything she saw and was excitedly taking samples. She pestered Janeera with questions. Janeera eventually erupted in anger so Dr. Dash had to apologize for his assistants behaviour. He then asked if there was indeed another human here on Eden Prime and what his name with. Annoyed with them both she exclaimed

“Enough. You are no better, we have arrived. Remain here, earthling, I have much to discuss.”

Janeera goes closer towards the village and leaves the 2 scouts to guard the humans. Another regal looking Primean female approaches Janeera and Janeera bows as she sees her. This new Primean female approaches the project Helios team and speaks…

“Welcome. I apologize for my Supreme Warden, Janeera. She takes the safety of My people and I very seriously and it can lead her to be a bit coarse at times but I digress. Please, come join us. I am Etheria, Queen of the Primeans. And who are you?”

Dr. Dash takes the lead on introducing the group…

“Dash, Doctor Alexander Dash. Thank you, we are all quite knackered but all very much alive and well, thanks, of course, to your Wardens. There’s still the matter of our Captain and First Mate. Our ship came apart upon entry and if they’re alive…”

Fleur runs her scanner up and down Etheria, her scanner beeps and makes a series of noises. She tries to interrupt the Doctor, but the Doctor ignores her and keeps speaking

“Fleur, please, we must focus on more pressing issues at hands. Your Majesty, if you know anything about our Captain and First Mates whereabouts….”

Fleur huffs off into the bushes. Etheria assures the Doctor that their Captain Ethan is alive. The Doctor turns to his team excitedly and tells them that if they find Captain Ethan, they may be able to find a way home. Etheria doesn’t look very excited but assures the Doctor Janeera will help and join a search party to go with them in the morning. The Doctor asks why Janeera seemed so hostile. Etheria explains the Janeera was once destined to be Queen and that she always held a grudge because of that.

As Janeera approaches, the Queen explains she will save the story for another time and explain to the Doctor that he should one of the humans from the previous mission who still lived on Eden Prime, as they call him, B’Roku. A older male figure emerged. The Doctor was in shock….. It was his father, Captain Charles Jasper. The older male spoke…

“Alexander! Son! You’re… How… But… How did you get here? We’re so far from earth…”

The Doctor explained what happened quickly…

“When the first expedition returned without you, I… I… I became a conservationist Doctor just to get on the Helios Project board. I’ve spent years planning the second expedition, we thought it would take decades, but… The ascension event, the discovery of the Atlantium mineral, we advanced the technology such that we could turn a ten year trip into a ten day trip… And meow, I’m here and… and… I… I…”

B’Roku approaches the Doctor and hugs him. The Doctor begins to weep. B’roku, in tears himself speaks..

“I can’t believe the gods delivered you to me. I never thought I would have seen you again son. I missed you, too, Son. I missed you so much.”

B’Roku clasps his son and smiles at him, then, turns to the crowd.


Dazzling performances were showcased by the Primeans

“And look! *Motioning to the Audience* The rest of the second expedition! You’ve all made it! Welcome, my dear friends! We are so glad to have you hear. Our queen that has gathered this sick rave party for your honor, but first she has something of a special welcoming for you. “

Etheria emerges and begins her speech..

“Thank you B’Roku. Sons and Daughters of Earth! Welcome to our world, our home. Here is a place of dance, music, growth and love in all abundance! We welcome you to join us in celebration of your arrival and dance with us until the early sun rays shine upon your faces! We have quite the dazzling performance to share for you, but first MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS AND FAMILY…. WELCOME… TO EDEN PRIME!!!”

A series of dances and performances were then shared with the earth people including dances with hoops, dances with fire and then, till the wee hours of the morning…. just plain dancing…


Etheria, the Queen of the Primean planet has sent out a search mission consisting of Dr. Dash, Fleur, The Royal Warden Janeera, and several Primean soldiers. They are on the hunt for Captain Ethan. Unaware of spread of The Dark Fracture Virus, a couple unsuspecting Primeans have strayed off the path, and are talking about the crazy sick dance party the night prior.

The two Primeans are chatting about the party last night referring to “Some heavy liquid called whiskey,” which tasted disgusting but left them feeling quite pleasant. Suddenly the soldiers are caught off guard by two fracture infected Primeans and are taken down. They writhe and quiver, soon to stand up as newly Dark Fracture infected Primeans.

Ethan emerges from the trees, “Good, more pawns.”

Fleur, in the bushes, alongside Dr.Dash and Janeera, recognizes Ethan, but realizes something about him is different. Janeera takes to approaching Ethan to address what has just happened to her fellow Primeans.

Ethan notices Janeera approaching and orders his newly infected army to attack her. They approach but are frightened by Janeera. She states that

“Even the lowliest of beasts recognize true strength when they see it!”.

Ethan proceeds to egg her on, poking at her inability to mount as Queen of Eden Prime, and her lack of strength as a warrior. Soon Janeera can take no more, and rushes Ethan. Ethan counter-attacks forcing Janeera into his arms.

In a very flirtatious voice, Ethan says

“Oh, you’re strong. But the strongest? Not even close. but I can give your desired strength. Oh yes, but you must want it with every fiber of your being. Do you understand?

Janeera nods, and Ethan kisses her, passing on the Fracture Infecting Virus. Janeera writhes and twitches.

Fleur and Doctor dash watch in astonished confusion from the bushes as the Royal guard Janeera succumbs to Ethan’s seduction. Fleur aims her scanner at them and realizes that something is wrong with them. Fleur and the Doctor, worried, begin to slowly approach.

Janeera in her freshly infected mind, notices them approaching and orders the Fracture Infected Primeans to take the Doctor and Fleur. The doctor manages to escape their grasp but Fleur isn’t so lucky. She is taken by the Fracture Infected Primeans and as she is being taken off she musters the words, “RUN! WARN THE OTHERS! THEY MUST KNOW WHAT IS COMING! .”

Fleur tosses the scanner and the doctor retrieves it as he runs off into the woods.


Somewhere on Eden Prime, Queen Etheria is apart from her people. She is kneeling at an altar, her hands and around her eyes are slightly altered, they emanate orange. She begins to pray…

“Gods grant me wisdom in this time of great change for I know not the path ahead. The humans have brought their plague and suffering with them as Broku predicted they would. Even now I can feel my tether to your ancient core fracture, and in its place i feel a hunger I do not know if I can control. But the humans and my sweet Primeans must evolve together if we are to endure the return of the progenitors. For now though I must leave you. if we are to survive the storm ahead I must prepare for what is to come…be strong my children, for the battle is only just beginning…”

Meanwhile, back at the Primean village, Broku is talking down a mob of angry and confused Primeans. The soldier and the mechanic are behind him, the soldier with her knife ready. The Primeans are hurling accusations angrily at the humans, and B’roku is trying to defend them.

The soldier is ready for a fight and remarks…

”I don’t think they’re listening old man, just let me take a crack at them with my knife, show em a little human ingenuity.”

BROKU lets out a assertive call and makes a commanding hand gesture to silence to crowd…

“Silence. The issue is done! She has never abandoned us before and she would not do it now. I suggest you all remember who it was that taught you the ways of the blade my primean brothers.“

There is a loud explosion noise, everyone turns to see smoke rising in the distance. Dr Dash comes running through the jungle into the clearing. Dr. Dash explains the situation to the village.

“The Captain, It’s like he’s gone insane, mutated or something…. That’s not the worst of it either, there are thousands of primeans, mutated like him into some kind of army.”

Broku simmers in anger and hurriedly yells commands to the gathered Primeans.

“This work has the smell of the Hades corporation all over it. This is even worse than I feared. The time for battle has returned, summon our strongest warriors, I must prepare myself. “

B’roku heads away to his dwelling and the Primeans call forth their champions. One particularly large champion enters and the project Helios team are thoroughly impressed. The Doctor speaks to his team…

“Excellent! maybe now we can stand a chance. Friends of the Helios Project! All of this, it was the Hades Corporation! They used us to bring some sort of contamination to this planet! The captain seems to be controlling the Primeans somehow. But, what can we do? The Queen seems to be infected as well, but perhaps in her infected state, with her powers, she might be able to break Captain Ethan’s hold on the Primeans. We need the find the Queen and I doubt even my father could find her. Bollocks!!!”

The Doctor remembers that he has Fleur’s scanner. He had just remembered that Fleur had scanned the Queen earlier and that he would be able to track her. A Primean runner emerges from the trees and yells out…

”Everyone prepare! the Human Captain and his horde approaches! Janeera walks among them!”

As the doctor runs into the jungle away from the fighting the Doctor yells to his team

“I have to find the queen! Hold them off as best you can!”

The Soldier aims his weapon at the approaching horde of infected Primeans. She yells out to the crowd to get behind her and as the creatures get into firing range, she begins to fire. Meanwhile Primeans archers and soldiers are holding the line with her and they seemed to be managing for a couple minute, yet the infected surge forward seemingly unendless, devoid of fear. The soldier cries out…

“Fuck, I ain’t got near enough ammo for this.”

Janeera enters the battlefield and spots the soldier. She yells out “Give up, earthling.”

The soldier retorts, “Not in my nature.”

Janeera offers the soldier mercy if they submit, the soldier offers Janeera her boot in her ass if they don’t. The soldier tries to fire, but the clip is empty. Luckily the biggest of the champions chooses this chance to step forward. The soldier laughs it off…

“Shit. I guess ill let this champion have a crack at ya. Go get em slugger”

Janeera sneers back and menacingly yells

“Hmmmph… you think you are safe with your champion? We have a creature that can crush your puny hero, behold our dreadnaught!“

Dreadnaught enters the battlefield from behind Janeera, looking fierce he lumbers towards the line. Janeera yells

“We shall see who’s might is stronger! ATTACK THEM!!”

The champion and dreadnaught battle for a short while and seem to be evenly matched. B’roku comes running into the battlefield, leaps from the soldiers shoulder yelling “FOR EDEN PRIME!!!” and lands between the two fighting champions causing them to fall back, B’Roku gives a gesture ushering the champion back and Janeera does the same and steps forward.

B’roku assumes a fierce and intimidating martial arts pose. Janeera raises her hand and points at B’Roku and screams a terrifying banshee screech. The Primeans charge him, B’Roku takes them down in waves. Janeera rushes B’Roku as Captain Ethan enters the battlefield and watches. Even though she is stronger now, B’Roku defeats Janeera with ease, having taught her most of what she knows. Beaten, Janeera retreats to Ethan. As she nears him, he grabs her by the throat and begins to strangle her. B’Roku tells him to release her.

B’roku rushes Ethan, who releases Janeera and knocks B’roku back with a kick. He yells to B’Roku

“Captain Charles Jasper. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Broku responds, “The pleasure is all yours, I’m sure.”

Captain Ethan jabs at him with a punch, “I understand you wrote the book on hand to hand combat for Hades shocktroopers.”

B’Roku hits back at him with a staff, “That was a long time ago. I am not that man anymore.”

Captain Ethan paces around him all the while talking, “I’ve studied your techniques for years old man, i bet you’ve lost your edge. Come, show me if your technique remains as peerless as I have heard it claimed.”

B’roku sheathes his weapon and assumes a martial arts stance. They start fighting with each other throwing kicks, punches, jabs, rolls, slams and everything else in between, all the while jabbing at each other with words.

Ethan slams B’Roku in the chest and pushes him back “Tell me, Charles, what made you stay?”

Captain Ethan tries to punch B’Roku, but he catches the punch and holds him there while he talks…

“You could never understand. This place is free from the corrupted touch of man, too beautiful for any one being to own or control.”

Ethan breaks free and throws B’Roku over his shoulder “Beautiful or not, Hades will have Eden Prime!”

Ethan begins to press the advantage and continuously attacks as B’Roku gets up and tries to defend himself “You are blind, youngling. You matter not to Hades. They only use you!”

Ethan yells out as he knocks B’roku off his feet with a kick “The Hades corporation needs me! I am their single greatest triumph! Witness the power of future of Mankind! The strength to rule as gods!”

From the ground, B’Roku looks up, “No being is a god! We are equal, one and all!”

Ethan looks to the onlooking crowd of Primeans and project Helios members “Bah! Enough. Now…. witness the ignoble end of the great Captain Charles Jasper!

B’Roku rises up and yells “MY NAME IS B’ROKU!!” and attacks Ethan hard, catching him off guard, and presses his own advantage. At this point, both are tired, breathing heavily and raggedly. They both muster one last epic haymaker at each other.


B’Roku, still fighting Ethan, begins to lose strength. With each attack comes an even more vicious counter-attack by Ethan. B’Roku draws his weapons and attacks but Ethan disarms him and breaks his arm. B’Roku, on his knees, can take no more and surrenders.

Ethan wraps his hands around B’Roku’s neck and proclaims, “ Just…in…time.”

Ethan violently snaps B’Roku’s neck, killing him. Dr. Dash runs out and falls to his knees screaming, “Nooooooo!” , as he watches his father fall to the ground lifeless.

Ethan begins to walk towards the queen, as Dr.Dash runs over to his father to cradle his body.

“Now, what to do about you, your majesty?” , Ethan snarks, “ Hrm? It is in you, that all this world’s power rests. Power the Hades Corporation needs, power I need!..Will you succumb willingly, your majesty?”

Etheria, with an undying disgust responds, “I pity you, dark one. There is so little of that light left in you, that light that made you so beautiful. And now, you walk in shadow and darken the world with each step.”

Ethan sneers back, “Your majesty, I am the light of civilization and bring you just that. Now give in of I. shall. make you!”

The doctor explains how Etheria has been infected longer than any other being on Eden Prime and how it has fused with her DNA. Etheria has overcome the Dark Fracture virus and is now the Prime host.

Ethan is infuriated that even after quadrillions of dollars spent on Dark Fracture, the Queen has overcome the great odds. Ethan looks angrily from the Doctor to the Queen and howls with anger. He rushes the queen, hurling a brutal haymaker directly at her face. The queen deftly sidesteps the blow and gently caresses Ethan’s face. Ethan staggers and begins to freak out. He looks to the queen angrily and charges her, lashing out wildly, yet as the blow begins to near the Queen, it slows. He cannot touch her. He goes to strangle her but his hands cannot close around her. She forces Ethan to his knees telepathically.

“It is time to give you back your light.”, says the Queen unaffected by Ethan’s attempts.

The Queen gently touches Ethan’s forehead, the lights rise and a great thrumming can be heard. Ethan falls over and crawls away. Suddenly all other Fracture Infected hosts fall to their knees dazed. The Mechanic steps out confused, demanding to know what the hell is going on.

The Doctor hypothesizes that the hive mind of the Queen allowed her to control the virus, when he notices Fleur approaching. She is in control of herself, but quite dazed.

Dr.Dash is worried and asks Fleur if she is okay. Fleur explains how she has never felt better and that she feels connected to every being on the planet, something she has wanted for a very long time.

The Mechanic, quite sympathetic of the death of Dr.Dash’s father, says “Doc, I’m sorry about your father…”

“He died upon the world that he loved so much”, replied the Doctor, “defending it from the very worst humanity had to offer. There is no need to be sorry.”

The Mechanic, also concerned as to what happened to Ethan asks, “ But, what happened to Ethan?”

“I don’t know”, replied the Doctor, “But he seems to be enjoying himself!”

The Doctor looks at the Captain, who was currently dancing to some unheard music, then back to the queen, shook his head and begins again.

“Your Majesty, we are trapped here. Our ship is damaged beyond any means to repair we have. May we stay? Join your tribe? Learn from you?”

The Queen looks over all the humans and speaks from the heart…


Captain Ethan, cleansed of the Dark Fracture virus encourages everyone to party…

“Your father was the best humanity had to offer and he gave his life defending not only his own kind, but indeed all living things of Eden Prime. In memory of B’Roku and his achievements I would be happy to invite you all to stay on our world and live with us in peace. Together, we will help to preserve this wondrous world for all to enjoy! In regards to your captain, he will be just fine, in fact, he should be better than fine!”

Captain Ethan stops his dance and turns to the crowd, but when he speaks his voice has changed completely…. he almost sounds… Australian…

“Well then, thats all come good now in it? I heard I missed a hell of a night, now that that silly little battle is over. It’s time to FUCKING PARTY eh?”

The celebrations continued for days afterwards…



There have been stories told over the years of a secret lab, where strange experiments were rumored to have been conducted by the Hades Corporation. Only the most groundbreaking and dangerous projects were conducted in this facility.

On the day after Halloween 1984, the lab’s communications went dark. A team was sent in to investigate, but only found dead bodies. The lab’s founder was never seen again. The laboratory was abandoned after the mysterious “accident”, and all evidence pointed to the founder of the laboratory going insane. One of the last people to see her alive said that she had been babbling about strange worlds: 8 bit portals, parties in some sort of nightosphere and various other nonsense!

30 years later. The lab remains abandoned, but to this day people swear they can hear voices and strange noises emerge from the lab every year around Halloween.



A bunch of nosy kids prepare to enter the lab…

Halloween 2014, a gang of nosy kids decide to go explore the dark scary abandoned lab used for potentially malicious human experiments, riddled with the ghosts of mad scientists and demons, because it seemed like a good idea.

Like, what was worst that could happen? Would they get chased by demon ghosts hungry for human blood after years of isolation and starvation and die a slow and painful death?

I’m sure they will be fine…

After they broke open the gate keeping the property locked, they entered the building, but no sooner had they gone inside, the doors seemed to magically lock behind them. Alex, the brains of the group tried her best to keep everyone calm, but both Snarky and Larry (the cat and the stoner) were quite scared. Todd, the leader of the group was optimistic they could find a way out, and assured them that they would be fine.

They started to search around the lab, but as they explored the lab more they kept hearing spooky noises. Eventually Snarky and the gang stumbled into a theater room that contained a bunch of video tapes and a projector. They put one of the tapes in and as it begins to play, a woman appears on the screen and begins to speak.

“October 16th 1984, We’ve had our first success with the portal experiments. It seems there’s possibilities we live in a multi-dimensional plane, of which infinite quantum extensions exist. We’ve yet to travel through ourselves but our test robots have returned with quite ponderous results. We may be on the brink of unlocking the expanses of the universe! I will document any further discoveries as they surface.”

The tape ends, and although Larry and Snarky seemed quite shaken, Todd eagerly puts the next tape in. It begins to play…

“We’ve Done it! It is now been 6 days since the first portal was opened! This is bigger than we’ve ever dreamed. The things i’ve seen! an entire world existing in 8-bit populated entirely by video game characters, Red Trees Green trees, orange trees, blue trees! Ancient oceans, we’ve even been to an alien world! Some of these worlds are hosting crazy sick dance parties, but some we’ve found to be extremely dangerous and volatile.”

As the tape ends, the group is eager to hear more about the discoveries made by the woman and eagerly put the next tape in. As the video begins to play, the lady appears again, but looks quite dishevelled and upset. She begins to speak in a sombre tone…

“Day 14. Some of the portals have proven to be unstable… dangerous worlds unlike our own… Yesterday, catastrophe struck! One of our team went missing while visiting world number 3, nicknamed “the nightosphere”. We are sending a rescue mission as soon as possible.”

The tape ends and Todd exclaims to the group that should definitely find out what happened at this lab. He leads the search for more tapes as Snarky and Larry complain about how they are always the ones to have to solve these scary mysteries…


The gang is still searching around in the theatre room searching for more video tapes. Jennifer, a cheerleader and professional complainer by trade was frustrated by the lack of pumpkin spice latte facilities at the lab. Todd assures the group that there is no such thing as monsters. Nothing’s had come to life, or died… immediately in front of them at least. nothing… nothing at all..

As an example, he pointed towards a table with a cloth over it and told them to pull off the cover, he assured them they would find something perfectly normal. Snarky goes and pulls off the cloth to discover an epic looking gun of sorts. Both Snarky and Larry are in awe of how awesome the thing looked, yet Alex warned them that they shouldn’t touch anything. Snarky protests that it might come in handy in the future…. but Todd tells him to leave it.

At that moment, Alex finds another tape that is covered in this weird green goo and is glowing somewhat ominously. Larry wipes off the tape and puts it in. The lady once again appears on the scream and immediately the gang can tell she is panicked, she begins to talk swiftly…

“I don’t know how long I have. A demon from the nightosphere has made its way through the portal. We’ve lost all control of the Lab, the experiments have come to life. Most of the staff has been killed or mutilated! HQ has damned us all and quarantined us inside the building. Im going to try and use the device one last time, try and lure the demon back through the portal. The device is the only option I have for escaping the lab. I don’t know if I’ll survive. James, my dearest husband, if you ever see this video, I love you, Take Care of our son, make sure he knows his mother would never abandon him. This is Laura Speedman signing off…”

Snarky and Larry huddle together and the rest of the gang looks around in fear as the tape ends and maniacal laughter is heard echoing quietly in the background. Snarky exclaims that they should probably get out of there and just go home. Todd tells Snarky to get ahold of himself and gives him a quick slap in the face. Snarky slinks off, upset and hurt. Todd reassures everyone that everything is fine and that there is NOTHING to be afraid of. He leads the gang off to search another room. Snarky sneaks back into the room and grabs the epic gun, before getting scared off by some scary looking lifelike lab experiments that started to move.


The gang is still searching the lab, yet Alex is starting to be a little suspicious of Todd as he is acting really weird since he saw the last video. She asks him if there is anything he is hiding. Todd admits to the gang that the woman in the video was his mother. Alex asks him why he would hide that from them, but before he can fully explain, a ghost appears and the gang have to run to try and escape. Snarky and Larry get separated from the gang and find some boxes to hide under. Luckily Todd, Alex and Jennifer find them before the ghost does.

They start to look around a bit more and Todd tries to assure everyone that everything is fine. He reiterates that there is no such thing as ghosts, demons or monsters. As he speaks a giant demon sneaks up behind him and as he finishes his sentence, he accidentally brushes up against the demon and turns around. The demon swipes him off his feet and he falls into one of the portals in the room.

Larry has a hero moment and makes a heroic speech…

“Guys, I have the least to lose, I live in a shaggin wagon and don’t even have a working shower… I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life. I’ll hold him off guys!!! RUUUN”

Larry runs up and attempts to kick the demon in the shins but the demon just stands there unaffected and quickly rips off Larry’s head. The ground trembles as the demon begins to speak…

“Pathetic creatures, I am Mephistopheles, lord of the 9th layer of the Nightosphere. Cower at my might. Once I have finished with you I will at last break free of this accursed lab and take over this wretched land”

The gang cower together in fear and confusion.


The gang doesn’t know what to do, in all their past adventures no one had ever been killed, and now they had lost 2 members of their team. Jennifer starts to get angry and heads towards the demon in a rage, swinging her handbag, telling him to put Larry back together and threatening to have her father sue the demon. The demon grabs her, breaks her neck and throws her back in one quick motion.

Alex and Snarky look to each other in panic, yet its at that exact moment that Snarky remembers what she had found earlier and pulls out the epic gun. Alex is confused by the fact that Snarky has it and hasn’t used it and starts to question the cat completely ignoring Mephistopheles. The demon starts to scream at them…

“You will die by the hand of Mephistopheles! I will burn your—-”

Alex cuts him off as she continues to question Snarky about how she obtained the epic gun. The demon, infuriated, screamed out again…

“Insolent fools! you dare interup—-”

Alex, annoyed that Snarky hadn’t used this epic gun sooner to save their friends, cuts the demon off again and screams at Snarky. Snarky says he just wanted to see how things would pan out. The demon, now furious, booms his voice and screams

“ENOUGH of this childish banter! I’ll swallow your soul! and burn your family! i will reap the flesh from your bones and carve a throne on the pile of your corpses!”

Alex screams to Snarky to fire the epic gun! Snarky moves and gets into position to fire, she presses the button and the gun starts to power up as the demon leaps towards them. The gun fires just as the demon is about to rip at Snarky with his claws and the demon is thrown back as the massive blast of power hits him.

Snarky and Alex celebrate and Snarky exclaims to Alex excitedly

“Did you see that? There was a thing and he was all like, I will DESTROY YOU! And then I was all like “PEW PEW PEW”!!”

At this point a portal nearby powers up and Todd stumbles out. Alex runs over excited to see him and ask him where he has been. Todd hurriedly explains that he fell into some sort of magical, mystical world filled with knights and dragons, fairies and wizards! He even fought in a real life battle! Snarky and Alex are excited to go check out this amazing world, and invited all the Caturday Crew to join them on this adventure!



There exists a mystical, magical world where all beings harness an innate magical ability, a magical ability that cannot be activated until each individual faces a mythical dragon, a guardian that protects that mystical power harnessed by the magical people of the realm.

Many moons ago, a protector arrived in this world named Todd. At this point in time, the realm was ruled by an evil sorcerer who ruled the land with an iron fist. This sorcerer had enchanted the dragon into a long deep sleep, thereby preventing all magical beings from connecting with to the mystical energy.

Todd, seeing the injustice this sorcerer inflicted on the people of this land felt compelled to help. He rallied the clans to band together, broke the spell and awakened the dragon, and helped the people of the realm overthrow the evil sorcerer.

The time in this world flowed differently than our own, what was years in their world, was minutes in ours. After defeating the evil sorcerer, Todd helped implement a new model of governance, based on democratic principles, but Todd had also being a devout believer in the concept of the One True God and implemented some legislation based on his own moral principles. This concept of a divine figure was revolutionary for this culture and the idea took root in this new democratic government. Before that moment, the people of this world had only believed in the gods of the elements. It was soon after this that Todd found himself pulled back into our own world. This one event caused a society change and sparked a religious movement…. Toddaism, and slowly, bit by bit, the people of the realm began to convert, causing the society to fall into a more theocratic form of governance.

60 years after Todds disappearance, a leader emerged with an aggressive policy towards magical users. He convinced the people of the realm that magic was unholy & evil and led a crusade against the magical creatures of the land, mercilessly slaughtering thousands including the last tribe of earth magi, leaving only a small few to hide in the forest.

With so few magical beings remaining in the realm and a vacuum of earth magic, the Guardian spirits that embody the connection to the mystical elements lost their physical form and were trapped in their ethereal state. As the magic diminished throughout the land, the Dragon’s lair became one of the final bastions for magical people of the world, and the last remaining wizard cast a spell to hide this sacred place from any being that was not magic.

It was prophesied that one day in 2015, an individual would come to restore balance to the magic of the realm, and herald the return of the Guardians of the Mystics.

The seers of this world have claimed Feb 28th 2015 to be the foretold return of these mystical beings.


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