What is Caturday?

Some of the core Caturday Crew and a few other awesome peeps in a rare shot together after the 8 bit Reloaded party back in 2014. Although it isn’t entirely obvious what Caturday is exactly – from the perspective of an outsider, it becomes fairly apparent, the moment you’re given the opportunity to join in and be part of the fun, that it is a community. The Caturday Crew is no joke of a name, and it doesn’t apply to the stage crew, or the theatrics crew, the performance crew, or the dance crew. Crew refers directly to you, regardless of your technical background. If you are dancing you may be offered a sword and told you are about to enter an epic battle, thus joining in on the climactic sequence in a live performance piece. If you’re hanging out near the bathroom you may be...[Read more]

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Green Sessions at VAL – An Event Review

I had a good feeling that Green Sessions at The Vancouver Art and Leisure Centre was going to be a blast. Boasting 3 rooms, 15 DJs and art installations is usually enough to get me to daydream about a fantastic night, but this show exceeded my expectations by a long shot. As soon as I ran into the happy, talkative, and inviting security personnel I could tell that the vibes throughout the night would be great. Just past coat check was a giant jenga table in a green lit room full of fresh faces introducing themselves and hugging. I stuck around there for a little while and mopped the floor with those Jenga losers. Actually, I was the one that lost… back to the point! After entering the main room, it became clear that interactive games were a focus of our hosts! Giant puzzles that strangers...[Read more]

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Caturday: A Co-Creation

As this is the first article from the Caturday Blog, its fitting that it is about co-creation, as Caturday is a co-created entity, thriving off the artistic endeavors of those who contribute to it. As we first discussed the idea of a blog for Caturday, we knew that it would not be a sole individual who would blog for Caturday, but a group of individuals, once again working together, to share information on a variety of topics. “But, what would they write about?” we thought… and the obvious came to mind, we could do reviews of other amazing events, we could blog about Caturday happenings. Initially we left it at that, but I started thinking bigger. What if the blog could cover a wide variety of topics that would be of interest to the Caturday community? We already have the Caturday College,...[Read more]

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