No, I’m Skittles

Pronounced, “no, I’M Skittles!”, his style is driven by the need to bring the crowd to the dance floor. Showcasing expertise in variety of genres including, electro house, nu-disco/french house, deep house, moombahton, ghetto funk, and glitch hop, versatility is the name of his game. His ethos, to understand and provide for every kind of social gathering, where music and dance is the focus. Flowing through sexy intimate grooves, to head banging thrashers, Noimskittles shows a great love for music both well known, and experimental, integrating tracks with classic hip hop samples and modern rock anthems, into glitchy and eccentric production with heavy soulful bass. Teasing your ears with the stoke of the music you love, your face will melt with the crazy dramatic drops and chest pumping excitement of fresh new next level dance music.

Check out his page on Soundcloud.

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