Alongside various other talented members of Caturday Crew, we also want to feature all the actors and actresses within our ranks. These actors & actresses showcase skill and their artistry with their performances for our events.

Browse our Actor/Actress roster below:

Gabriel McCay

Gabriel helped found the Caturday Theatrics team and has always had a passion for theatrics and story telling. Gabriel has been involved in all the theatric productions and has helped write every script and played an actor in all productions up until this point. He really enjoys working with all these other passionate folks within the theatrics team and collaborating on these theatrical productions.

Roles Gabriel has played

  • Journey to Eden Prime – Primean Male
  • 8 bit Reloaded – Ryu
  • Ascension of the Atlanteans – Evil Doctor
  • Eden Prime: Dark Fracture – Dr. Alexander Dash

Alyssa Elizabeth

Alyssa has been a part of the Caturday theatrical family since her very first Caturday party in November 2013! She has acted in every theatrical performance since! Alyssa truly enjoys taking part in sharing a unique party experience such as what Caturday offers with theatrically inspired themed events! Not to mention all time well spent with the rad and extremely talented individuals this type of work attracts!

Roles Alyssa has played

  • 8 bit Reloaded – Link
  • Ascension of the Atlanteans – Jewel
  • Eden Prime: Dark Fracture – Fleur

Andrew Stackhouse

The man behind the armor, Andrew has been creating props for Caturday ever since Atlantis and has now taken the title of Caturday’s resident “Prop Master”. If you’ve been to a Caturday show and said to yourself “wow.. that is some cool armor.. bro” chances are Andrew probably made it. He also does voices for most of Caturday’s more comedic relief roles, and has played physical character roles in every Caturday show.

Roles Andrew has played

  • 8 bit Reloaded – Space Invader King
  • Ascension of the Atlanteans – Evil Military Leader
  • Eden Prime: Dark Fracture – Primean

Amanda Joan

Amanda is a hard working actor, with multiple layers and depth to her characters. She is focused and can absorb text and character attributes intuitively. She has had the opportunity to experience a number of different roles in classical theatre and contemporary with great success, and has been able to direct other actors to a comfortable at ease way of acting, leading them to be more life like and relaxed. She worked with a acting ensemble in West Vancouver when she first moved to Vancouver from Edmonton, doing work that provoked the audience and demolished the fourth wall. She has been able to add her vocal acting talent to the amazing roster of actors that Caturday has to offer. She loves biting into new work and text and can always over come a challenge.

Roles Amanda has played

  • 8 bit Reloaded – Space Invader General

Katie Vogel

Katie had her first role at Eden Prime: Dark Fracture and her second at Back To The Lab. She has had a blast collaborating on these productions and looks forward to future events.

Roles Katie has played

  • Eden Prime: Dark Fracture – Primean Guard
  • Back to the Lab – Jennifer

Grady Flanagan

Grady fell in love with the Caturday theatrics the moment he experienced their exclusive theme integration and the smiles it brought to the crowd. He knew he wanted to be apart of it in any way he could, to help carry through the vision and bring joy and excitement to all.

And so he joined the theatrics. First playing smaller roles, and minimal voice acting, and later collaborating as a writer, and theatrical director. He has also helped with some audio production, creating sounds and assisting in providing backing tracks for the performances.

Grady finds family within the theatrics crew, and plans to continue to do his best to contribute any way he can.

Roles Grady has played

  • Ascension of the Atlanteans – David
  • Eden Prime: Dark Fracture – Alex the Mechanic

Callum Mathers

Callum was introduced to Caturday by the infamous Carolyn Smith. Sporting a suit and parted hair, this aviation security manager was baffled by the community he had found. He gingerly wet his transformational feet as he participated as a supporting actor in Ascension of the Atlanteans and Eden Prime: Dark Fracture. It wasn’t long, though, before Callum was fully dedicated to wielding his true colours and making countless invaluable connections within Caturday.

Roles Callum has played

  • Ascension of the Atlanteans – Atlantean Soldier
  • Eden Prime: Dark Fracture – Primean Warrior

Care Smith

Care helped out with her first Caturday event during Ascension Of the Atlanteans. Care has had a passion for the arts her entire life and loved acting in high school. She loves working with the theatrics team and creating funny, quirky and exciting characters with voice and physical acting. She looks forward to volunteering for future events with this incredible team of people!

Roles Care has played

  • Ascension of the Atlanteans – Narrator

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