Alongside various other talented members of Caturday Crew, we also want to feature those special performers within our ranks. These performers showcase skill and their artistry with their performances for our events.

Browse our Performer roster below:

Zo So: The Fire Wizard

A Fire Wizard from a strange point in time…
He hails from the east, bringing the magics of the Orient.
Summoning portals of harmony through the arcane dance of the Cosmos.

– Acrobatic/contact fire staff shows for events/parties/festivals –

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The Pyrologist – Justin Hay

Fire performer, dragon, warrior poet, clown. I am The Pyrologist.

The first time I leapt into a circle of conflagration and brought flame to a staff was my baptism of fire. Thus began my journey as a fire performer.

Spinning fire is so captivating: to hear and feel the rush of the flames as they spin around my body bringing light to the night. It is an experience I savour and repeat as often as possible.

There is magic in the cheers and shouts of unrestrained joy at witnessing the magnificence of a spark turned into an inferno. I cherish being able to bring this wonderment to people.

Dare you come dance with The Pyrologist?

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Madame Shahdow

Feast your ravenous eyes upon Sultry Fire Performances, Intriguing Roaming Characters and Saucy Comedy Burlesque!
Madame Shahdow pushes the boundaries of normality striving to pack exuberant amounts of eye popping, jaw dropping and perhaps even pants bulging excitement into each show!
Madame Shahdow is not for the faint of heart, viewer discretion is advised.


  • Fire Fans
  • Fire Hoop


  • L.E.D or Fire


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