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Date: Nov 1st, 2014

There have been stories told over the years of a secret lab, where strange experiments were rumored to have been conducted by the Hades Corporation. Only the most groundbreaking and dangerous projects were conducted in this facility.

On the day after Halloween 1984, the lab’s communications went dark. A team was sent in to investigate, but only found dead bodies. The lab’s founder was never seen again. The laboratory was abandoned after the mysterious “accident”, and all evidence pointed to the founder of the laboratory going insane. One of the last people to see her alive said that she had been babbling about strange worlds: 8 bit portals, parties in some sort of nightosphere and various other nonsense!

30 years later. The lab remains abandoned, but to this day people swear they can hear voices and strange noises emerge from the lab every year around Halloween.

On Nov 1st, a gang of curious kids and a snarky cat ventured into the lab to find out what happened. They have yet to compile their adventure, but we will place it here soon.

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