Eden Prime: Dark Fracture

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Eden Prime: Dark Fracture was a continuation of our summer Micro-Festival from last summer, “Journey to Eden Prime“. This 4 day “Out-Of-This-World” alien themed event fused music, art, theatrics, visuals and all you amazing folks to create what was unilaterally and unequivocally ONE hell of a good time. Even with a landslide that temporarily stranded us at the location.

This unique event allowed attendees to immerse themselves in this alien world and become part of the atmosphere themselves by choosing sides and immersing themselves into one of our sub themes that are featured throughout the storyline and be able to root for their team. This event also featured micro-games and scheduled activities and missions put forth by your team’s MISSION MASTER. At the end of the day, Helios won the battle, but members of the Hades Corporation remain on this alien world…

We encouraged attendees to CHOOSE A SIDE

Read more about these two teams by clicking the correct side on the poster or just click these links here. Did you choose Hades Corporation or Project Helios?


Video from the Event:

Photos from the Event:

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