The Ritual


From the outlandish minds that brought you “Infection”, “Guardians of the Mystics”, “Eden Prime: Dark Fracture” and many more adventures, Caturday Crew is back with another uniquely themed, storyline-infused party adventure.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, humanity was in it’s infancy. They were naught but a fledgeling species on this planet used as little more than cattle and slaves by the ruling species of the time… the demons. These were vile, horned creatures who revelled in misery and suffering.

In a world of fire and brimstone, the demons ruled supreme. The demons elevated those base humans who did their wicked bidding, granting them power, riches & all else they desired. Over thousands of years, one particular family house of humans rose far above all the others serving as the demons underlords and ruling over all of humanity. This was the house of Caturday.

But the house of Caturday was not content just ruling over the humans, they wanted control over the earth itself. As their powers and ambition grew they hatched a plan in secret to contain the demons. They used the powers the demons had granted them along with an ancient artifact to seal the demons beneath the earth. The humans rejoiced & the House of Caturday were seen as heroes in the eyes of humanity, even though they had once been the demons most trusted servants.

It is now the year 2016, the great House of Caturday rules over man no longer. Instead their descendants throw crazy sick dance parties. Over the aeons, the demons have withered beneath the earth, using what was left of their power to try and lure weak minds to their cause and release them once more upon the earth…

Strange rumors swirl around the planet. People are saying they are hearing strange voices.The words they continue to hear in dark ominous voices are the same….


THE DEMONS ARE GATHERING THEIR POWER. The great House of Caturday has become complacent & forgotten the danger that lurks beneath our feet.

October 29th, 2016. We want to welcome you all to join Caturday to celebrate our victory over the demons so many thousands of year ago at The Rickshaw Theatre. Together we will celebrate, dance & empower ourselves with THE RITUAL…. Will you be there to witness this adventure?

What do you think?