This section is aimed at being transparent & accountable. Transparent about our finances, where the money is spent, our environmental impact, how the music performances at Caturday are organized & how the Music Director makes the decisions on who plays at the shows.



Caturday started out as a group of friends just trying to create amazing parties for our community, but as time progressed, and our creative appetites surged, the parties got bigger and more elaborate. With that larger size came the need for more organization.

A lot of the initial work and organization behind the Caturday Crew parties was facilitated by a few core members (Tyson Power, Erik Mackie, Gabriel McCay, Brian Mackie and Claire Gabereau). As we grew, we started creating departments and enabling others eager Caturday Crew members to get involved in organizing. We now have over 18 department coordinators, some with huge roles, and some with smaller roles. All our department coordinators are volunteers as well.

With each party, we improved and tested the creative waters with new ideas, empowering others who had been inspired at these events to contribute and organize part of the event themselves. We encouraged people to come to us with creative ideas and have been blown away by the response so far, more and more people keep stepping up into organizational roles within Caturday.

At the moment, most major decisions are made by the 5 core members, but departmental decisions are made by the department heads, unless they involve additional budget, then the request must be approved by the Treasury Head.

View a list of all the department heads by clicking here.


Our goal has always been to be a non-profit entity and we are in the process of making that official. In the meantime, we want to be transparent going forward about our finances so that people who get involved with our community know what we are doing with the money you are entrusting to us at these events.


The Build Up – July 2014

Back to the Lab
Financial report coming soon…


This past festival season was a amazing one for Caturday, as we were inspired by many of the great festivals we have attended. As well as gaining new experience from the events we’ve thrown. We strive to continue growing our ever talented community and including many other local artists.

There are so many talented DJ’s and producers within Vancouver’s electronic music scene. Our productions are not always about the DJ’s but they still play a large role in the productions. Many people have enquired as to how the music performance process is being handled within the Caturday Crew. So we wanted to share with you our ever evolving system:

General Artist Selection / Show Guidelines

  • We aim to have a variety of genres at each event. Generally not having two exact styles/genres of DJ playing back to back.
  • Caturday events are a place for all talented artists to showcase their art. We focus on highlighting producers who create their own original music. Talented DJs are celebrated and welcome as well.
  • Time slots are filled ‘appropriately’ in regards to style and energy of music. For example downtempo, low energy, and liquid genres take priority earlier, and later in the night. With high energy, loud, or aggressive genres slated between 11-3.
  • Starting this winter no DJ/Producer (excluding openers) will play two consecutive shows. With exceptions of collab events.
  • We recognize the contributions of people within our group when considering slots for our future events.

Collaborative Event Guidelines

We plan on expanding the reach of our events this coming winter. With some great collab & niche genre events on the horizon.
Collab events will have artists set by the second party (the collaborator). As well Caturday Producers/DJ’s who can supplement them.
Genre specific themed nights will have Producers/DJ’s suited to said theme (ie. House, Glitch-hop)

How to apply to play a Caturday Event

The artist selection is done by our Stage Manager Erik Mackie. Although he orchestrates the event time slots, every head of Caturday has a say. All opinions are taken into consideration. If you would like to play, or know someone who does, you can get in contact with one of the department heads, or message Erik at


As individuals we all have our part to share in reducing our environmental impact and at Caturday we all strive to do our part, yet a community we aim to “Leave No Trace” with all our events, and we are constantly reevaluating ways to achieve this goal.

At our events, we work hard to try and ensure proper recycling and disposal options are available and clearly labelled. We strive to reuse materials as often as possible and make a lot of our artwork from reclaimed materials. If we do host an event outdoors, our mission is to leave the area better than we found it.

We aim to be as transparent as possible about all our processes so if you have any questions or concerns, please just ask and we will be more than happy to share.

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