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ZoSo, aka Andrew Stackhouse, Is a man.. who is also a guy! You may know him from such rolls as “that movie guy voice in 8 bit”, and.. “that guy who is the evil dude in Atlantis”. Or you may have seen a fire show or two. ZoSo, like many wayward travellers, checked out a few Caturday parties here and there back in 2012, and quickly discovered his niche. These were people he could relate with, and be complete fools with! Artists, musicians, jesters, clowns, fire shows, freak shows and an extra large order of amazeballs with a side of rice! He has since then become increasingly involved in the making and creative efforts of the Caturday parties, and hopes to add even more creative content in the future. Whats next for ZoSo and the Caturday heroes? Find out next time on Dragonball Z!!

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