Brian Mackie

Brian is our appointed event coordinator and Public Relations talky talk man. He’s been involved with the Caturday Crew since 2010 and plays an important role in facilitating interactions with other crews, venues and companies that we interact with while throwing our events. He also loves to play some pretty funky tunes as one of DJs that play at Caturday shows under the moniker BPM.ackie! A lot of you may also know him as the late night champion, staying awake WAY later than the rest to ensure everything flows smoothly throughout the night.

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Brian Mackie is a special person to me that I am so glad I know. I was brought into Caturday about 2 years ago now, and coming in from knowing only 1 person was really intimidating. However, Brian took the time to focus in on me as a person and really make the effort to connect one on one. It started as a few conversations but before I knew it, we were going to shows together. He is an amazing person who can tell when something or someone needs some attention, and is ready to give it in his own Brian way. He's also an amazing DJ that's made me really respect and love EDM more as a type of music, as well as made me feel like an amazing cook every time I feed him. Brian is a good part of my life, and a great part of Caturday.


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