Erik Mackie

Erik is one of the founding members of the Caturday Crew. He is dedicated to ensuring these events continue to get better. At most of the events, you will see him behind the stage as the Stage Manager and Equipment Manager for events, as well as an Odd Job Jack of sorts, dabbling in a bit of everything. His experience with equipment, gear and the electronic scene are invaluable. His primary objective is to make sure Cody tapes down cables properly. He also DJs at Caturday shows under the moniker Pretty Much?.

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If Caturday Crew was a man then Erik would definitely be part brain and muscles. Extremely talented DJ, often headlining for events. His high energy, bass-filled sets always get the crowd jumping! Erik is a very generous and selfless man. Constantly using his own personal vehicle for Caturday needs. Whether it be going down to the hardware store, or driving a full stage setup into the middle of fucking nowhere. Erik is always there. And everyone appreciates it. We love you Erik!!


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