Gary Bannon

Hi, I’m Gary and I like to party. After almost loosing all hope in humanity I decided it was time for a life change so I moved to the coast in mid 2013 for Audio Engineering & Music Production on the North Shore of Van City. After being invited into such a diverse crew and being introduced to an abundance of great times and great people the Caturday crew changed my mind and faith in humanity was restored. While attending my first Caturday event (Eden Prime) and being blessed with the opening set to Saturday nights adventure, they had shown me not only a party but also a friendship as close as family. With several small gatherings the next step into providing for the crew was when I was asked to Engineer a studio session for the Voice over portion of their 8 Bit Reloaded party, and it couldn’t have went more smooth and everyone delivered an amazing session. I want to conclude my section with saying I couldn’t be more blessed to have met such an awesome family of friends, and I look forward to many more amazing memories!

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A dazzling smile and serious beats…

When Gary first arrived on the West Coast he came out to one of our "Caturday Camp Out" events and dropped some amazing music for us, we had to invite him out to play at our first Micro-festival "Journey to Eden Prime". He instantly fell in love with Caturday and started offering his help wherever he could! He played a large role in the initial Caturday Theatric event; 8 bit Reloaded, by helping to record the voice actors for that production in a professional studio. He was a huge asset for this production and helped set the hardworking tone the Caturday theatric team lives by. You are amazing Gary! Thanks for all your hard work!


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