Grady Flanagan

I started attending Caturday events back in early 2013, and fell in love with the people and atmosphere instantly. Everyone is so inviting, and the vibes are always positive, it is exactly where I love to be. I only started getting actually involved as of recent, with some theatrical contributions to the Ascension of Atlanteans event. Ive been long friends with some of the deeply involved members and figured it was time I circumvented the love I can offer through the community that brings myself and many others amiable experiences, and amazing memories. I plan to continue to help this community grow in any way i can and outreach to as many people as possible who share the same passion for this sort of thing.

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A hardworking and energetic star…

Grady has been an amazing energy to have around the theatrics department. He has taken on a variety of roles from Actor, to Writer, to Director and has NAILED IT every time! Talk about serious talent! Anyways, on top of being amazing at all the ways he contributes to Caturday he is also an amazing energy to be around... always a smile on his face!

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