Hythe Al-Keder

Hythe. Our Chef. The Prince of Mischief. A true Dapper Gent. When we asked him to describe himself, he answered with several very clinical Descriptors, which we now present to you, unedited and unabridged.

Enthusiastic, Artistic, Avid; Reader, Writer, Storyteller. Smartass, Cocktail Snob, Wannabe Gardner, Beer Enthusiast, Neat Freak, Red Seal Certified. A Caffeine Dependent, Honest(painfully sometimes) and Health Conscious Over Eater. *GASP* Optimist, Pessimist, Realist. A Travel Bitten, Near sighted Entrepreneur.

He got involved with Caturday back in 2011. He decided to prepare some bites for the original 8-bit party, unfortunately, the set up happened late, and food was impossible. Although the intent was there. He also recently ran the Meal Plan for the Eden Prime: Dark Fracture and also earned a small cameo within the theatrical performance.

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