Kevin Li

Dancer, space/time sculptor, object manipulator, creator. Kevin Shazam has always loved music and dance. He started with various styles of street dancing such as hip hop, locking, house, and popping. After joining Caturday, Kevin started to meet artists from other disciplines and started to develop an interest in flow arts. At the same time he started exploring tutting, a geometry focused dance inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics. Seeing the similarity between tutting and flow arts, he combined the two forms to create new movement. Nowadays Kevin practice contemporary dance, yoga, various forms of street dance, flow arts…. Hoping to combine all the strength of these disciplines and to create his own style. Last year, Claire Gabereau invited him, Zoe Collins and Amanda Joan to form Catalysis. Working with a group of diverse talent, Kevin continues to combine different forms of art to create new possibilities.

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