Matt Rippon

Matt Rippon met the Caturday Crew back when it all began in 2010 on a two year working vacation from his home of Brisbane, Australia. As an original member, Matt had the opportunity to observe the blossoming of the ideals that have grown into what the Caturday Crew parties are today. After his time here was up he was determined to return and landed again in Vancouver last year only to immediately become fully immersed in the ripened culture that is Caturday today. Matt is currently using his millwork certificate to assist in the construction and assembly of stage and decorative elements and has a tendency to be a favorite odd-job guy.

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Passionate Wood-Man :P

Matt's passionate, skillful approach to wood work has given an added boost the stage design team and provides a solid backbone when it comes to constructing the concepts that the team comes up with. His hard work doesn't go unnoticed and his laid back demeanor makes him an easy person to work alongside.


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