Nathan Beardfight

Nathan grew up in snowy Edmonton as a mixed media artist, musician and actor. His journey to Vancouver brought with it a renewed interest in the blossoming electronic music scene when he stumbled into his first Caturday event on New Years eve of 2011. It was recognized immediately not just as a party but an extremely talented group of artists and friends coming together to create something a little more special. Since then, Nathan has immersed himself into the Caturday community lending his talents in theatre, audio production, costumes, performance under his stage moniker “BeardFight” and in any other useful way he can.

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A multi-faceted artistic magician…

Nathan is an amazing human being! Not only is he a warm gentle caring soul, but he is a talented producer (Beardfight) and a huge part of the duo Catastrophik. He is undeniably an artist, visually and otherwise. He has given so much energy to the Caturday theatrics team, tirelessly putting in the work to compile all the audio recording, FX, and background music to create sounds fit for theatrical masterpieces, but really he has helped facilitate and coordinate so many events! Love you Nathan!


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