Nicholas Prouten

Nick has been gratitating slowly towards Caturday since back in 2011, but got a lot more involved in late 2013. As a First Timer to Caturday, bringing with him his ingenuity, artistry, and acting which he brought forward in a huge way with the “8 bit Reloaded” Theatrical act and all theatrical productions since then. He has since gotten involved as part of the Catbassador team, the GLO Squad and helping to organize small portions of the events.

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A whole lotta passion…

Nick came to his first Caturday event right before we graduated from the house party days. At his first event, he showed up, danced the night away, ordered 5 pizzas for the entire party and still woke up early in the morning to help me clean and make breakfast for everyone! Serious Champion, and that was before I even really got to know him. I ran into him from time to time at various events, but eventually he made it out to one of our "real" events, Journey to Eden Prime. He was an amazing energy to have around and jumped at the chance to get more involved in the following year. He has been a key member of the Caturday Theatrics team, involved in all aspects of the production for various events. He took on a role with the Catbassadors helping to share messages of thanks to our various community members via the C.A.T. (Caturday Appreciation Tribute) and also a role with the GLO Squad, our ambassadors of compassion, inclusion, respect & consent. Thanks for all the you have done and continue to do Nick!


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