William Macdonald

I’ve been witness to the expansion, growth and wonderfulness of Caturday since 2010 and have fully fell in love with the people and the atmosphere that are present around these out of world adventures. I like to help out in any way shape or form that I can to be a part of the magic behind the magic. Always ready with a smile and always happy to meet you (sometimes again, and again…. and again and again). If seen at the party, please come say hi and receive a hug. I rant and (yes i know) rave about these game changing events and I’m always happy to see the smiles on peoples faces and help put them there.

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Good Will

From the very moment I met Will, he expressed an endless amount of selflessness and positive vibes. He never ceases to be a role model and kind hearted individual. Jamming with him at Eden Prime was one of my highlights of the micro-festival and a memory I will not soon forget!


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