We want YOU for Caturday CrewThe Caturday Crew is a group of friends, but we all gift our time to help organize & facilitate these artistic events and to foster personal growth and artistic expression within our community.

Why Volunteer?

We want volunteers who are excited and passionate about joining the team. Here is a small summary of some reasons you may want to volunteer:

  • Learning from & working alongside talented, hard working professionals doing something they love
  • Sharing your skills / Learning new skills
  • Helping to build a respectful loving community
  • The feeling of gifting your time for an artistic endeavour without expecting anything in return. It’s actually quite fulfilling.
  • Respect and love from the community & attendees of the shows
  • Seeing it all come together and seeing all those people truly enjoying themselves and interacting with each other…… priceless.

We have a wide variety of jobs available and we’d love to have you onboard to help out!

What you get?

If you help us out with even a small role, we want to recognize you publicly for your contributions. With your help, we will create a profile for you on Our Community [link to Community page] page. By having one of these community profiles, people can see how you have helped, and we will always aim to provide special deals to these lovely folks who Volunteer with us.

Your commitment

If you want to help out or get involved we have a wide variety of positions that require a wide variety of commitment levels. Some jobs require you to dedicate time every week to a project, and we want you to be realistic about how much you can help. We want you to get involved because you WANT TO, you are WILLING TO, and are ABLE TO.

If you get involved in a larger organization role and need to step back at any point, we will do our best to accommodate and completely understand that you may have to step back completely to be able to deal with your own life. Always ensure that you look after yourself first.

Our Goals

Find out what we are all about, read our Mission Statement, check out our amazing community, look through our past events, you can easily see what we are all about.

We are trying really hard to establish a large community of hard working amazing people within the Caturday Crew. It is YOU, with all your amazing energy and creativity that helps to make these events what they are. We know you all have unique talents to offer and we would love to have you onboard. It is only as a community that we are able to grow and evolve.

Really eager to Volunteer?

Would you like to contribute to the events? Harass us! Suggest a project you’d like to spearhead! We admire and encourage people who can run with an idea and bring it to life!

Or you can just give us a holler at for more information and let us know a little bit about yourself. If you would like to bring something new to the table, just ask. We don’t bite.